Who We Are...

Madison Friends of CURE was founded in 2007 by local Madison citizens to support and advance the work and mission of Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, www.CUREepilepsy.org.

What unites us is a commitment to doing what we can to help find a cure so that someday, no child, no adult, and no family will suffer the devastation of this condition. CURE has changed the public conversation about epilepsy through public awareness initiatives. CURE also focuses on fundraising for research dollars dedicated to finding the ultimate goal, a cure. CURE has mobilized researchers, health care professionals, policy makers, and families to imagine a world in which a cure for epilepsy exists.

Madison Friends of CURE welcomes your involvement in advancing the search for a cure. We are part of a national and international effort of people united in this common mission. Madison Friends of CURE are volunteers honored to work with you by raising awareness, commitment and funds that will one day lead to the cure for everyone affected by epilepsy.

  • We are parents of children with epilepsy
  • Children of parents with epilepsy
  • Spouses of someone with epilepsy
  • Young parents and professionals with epilepsy
  • Returning veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injury
  • Brothers and sisters of siblings with epilepsy
  • Friends of people with epilepsy
  • Those who have lost a loved one to epilepsy
  • Physicians and healthcare professionals helping people with epilepsy
  • Teachers of students with epilepsy
  • Employers of people with epilepsy
  • Researchers seeking to find a cure for epilepsy